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History Cruze Car Show photos

North St. Paul History Cruze Car Show
Every Friday, June 5- September 18, 2020
(No car show
June 19 -BTT50's)
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Passing of Bruce Larsen
We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Bruce Larsen,
a long time volunteer of the History Cruze Car Show.
Watch for updates as we receive them.

History Cruze Dinner Meetings

If you miss your Friday Night History Cruze friends, Friday Night Dinners have been set up throughout the winter.
Dinners have been set up for 4:30pm on the first Friday of each month, November thru May (February 7, March 6, April 3 & May 1, 2020) in the lounge. We will be meeting at Gulden's Restaurant & Bar in Maplewood. They are located at 2999 Highway 61 North, Maplewood, MN. Phone: 651.482.0384. Their website is

We are set for another great year...latest news...

Santa is about to drop off the latest upgrades and additions to your rides, so it is time to start thinking about when you want to get your wheels ready for June 5th. The show dates are June 5-September 18, 2020, 6-10pm. A big change this year is we will not have a car show on June 19, which is Back to the 50's weekend. We have been very busy with the city planning the construction work-arounds so our show will not be shut down due to the work. We do know that you will see the affects this year, but the show will be going on and the show is going to grow this year. Our permit for the show has been extended one block east so the show will be running from 1st St. to Henry St. The additional long block should give us additional 150 – 200 parking spots for show cars.

Please take note, using the new block is on a trial basis, this is a residential block. Being good neighbors to the neighbors is very important, setting up lawn chairs at noon and leaving trash in people’s front yards will not win friends of the homeowners. Please remember, the show’s start time and be a bit mindful of homeowners and access to their property and driveways.

Part way into the year, the show will be modified, the road will be closed from 1st St. to Margaret St., so the show will start at the stop lights at Margaret St and all the vendors west of the stop lights will be relocated to the east. The same food and shopping will be in the show, just moved. This is only for the rest of the year, next year, we have the full show back so don’t start any rumors folks.

For the real information, not rumors, go to or for the latest information.

Any other question, feel free to give us at call at 651 261-8031.

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Car of the Week

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Looking for Volunteers...
We are looking for volunteers to become "Yellow Shirts" for the 2020 season. Come volunteer for a week, two weeks, etc., make new friends, join our group. We are flexible with your schedule. We are looking for people to rotate work at the gates during the season. If you already come to the show and would like to be part of a great family experience. Contact Faron Young at 651 315-6058.

If you are a business, car club or member and you have an event or an announcement you would like to post, please e-mail the information you would like listed to Bruce or Sandy at or contact us at 651 261-8031 or 651 253-1706.

Attention Yellow Shirts...
If you want to get the most updated news about the upcoming year for the car show for 2020, send your email address to Bill Kinney at

To join our E-mail List mailings for monthly newsletter updates on special events and show information, click here.

To become a Food / Exhibitor / Item Vendor for the History Cruze, contact Bruce or Sandy Fabio at 651 261-8031 or 651 253-1706 or e-mail to
Tents only, Trucks or Trailers spots are limited.

To become a sponsor of the car show, click here or contact Bruce or Sandy Fabio at 651 261-8031 or 651 253-1706.

Club of the Night...
To be the Club of the Night contact Bill Kinney at 651 770-6819.

Merchandise Sales...
If you are interested in History Cruze merchandise for the car show season, contact Deb Casperson at 651 261-9182.

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